Accidental Theatre "Fast and Loose" Production

Production poster for Fast and Loose.

Every year Accidental Theatre Company chooses an artist to work with on designing posters and images for each of their productions in that year. This year they approached me. This is my design for their "Fast and Loose" Production.
How long does it take to make a play? Months, years, decades? What if you had only twenty-four hours?
Fast & Loose is a twenty-four hour play project which originated in Los Angeles withSacred Fools Theater Company. 
An experiment in playmaking and inspiring creativity, all housed in one theatre for twenty-four hours. From 9pm on the first day four playwrights have only 12 hours to craft a new short play. At 9am the following day, four directors and casts will have a further 12 hours to make the play, each being performed that night in the Lyric Studio for the first time.
The results are often unpredictable, unique and uplifting, showcasing some of the finest theatre and creative artists working in Northern Ireland.
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